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InFlame: North America’s Leading Brand of Ethanol Fireplace Fuel and Ethanol Fireplaces.

 For over a decade, InFlame has been the North American leader in the development of ethanol fuel for use in unvented fireplaces and fire burners. It has the same dominance in manufacturing and distributing ethanol-burning products for home usage. The firm is also known for its web presence through online fireplace shop. 

As an industry leader, InFlame is responsible for Canadian safety standards that exist today for ethanol fuels, and is an expert in designing safe and certified products.
When shopping for an unvented ethanol fireplace, why is an InFlame eco friendly fireplace and InFlame fume-free fuel first choice of our customers?


  • All “Real Flame” fireplaces in North America are required to be tested and certified by an accredited agency to ensure your safety. Every InFlame fireplace is certified to make sure it meets all applicable safety standards.
  • Home insurance policies ONLY cover TESTED AND CERTIFIED unvented alcohol fireplaces. Every InFlame fireplace is certified to make sure it meets all applicable safety standards for insurance purposes.
  • It is a government requirement in both Canada and USA that all certified and approved fireplaces must bear a label and logo of the certifying agency on the fireplace and both must be visible to the consumer. If there is no label and logo on the fireplace, chances are it is not safety approved. Every InFlame product is certified and safety approved.
  • Every InFlame fireplace enclosure is constructed under strict safety guidelines. Every InFlame fireplace burner is constructed under strict safety guidelines. Every ethanol fireplace Toronto based InFlame designs undergoes strict testing to ensure it is easy to operate, control and shut-off.
  • InFlame fireplaces are tested with approved InFlame ethanol fuel to ensure a 100% clean burn, free of contaminants. Use ONLY genuine InFlame eco friendly fireplace fuel in your InFlame ethanol fireplace.


  • InFlame ethanol fuel is the safe and preferred fuel for use in all ventless fireplaces.
  • InFlame is the 1st Canadian company to receive Environment Canada's EcoLogo for ethanol fuel for unvented fireplaces.
  • InFlame ethanol fuel is approved for both indoor and outdoor use and burns 100% clean.
  • InFlame ethanol fuel is completely organic and free of contaminants. 
  • InFlame ethanol fuel has undergone stringent testing and is APPROVED by the Underwriter's Laboratories. It is certified for usage in both Canada and USA.

There are only a few agencies in North America that are approved by the Canadian and/or US governments to test and certify products to ensure product safety for consumers.